Balboil by Tony Balboa

We would like to introduce you: Tony Balboa's exclusive CBD product range. BalbOil! The range consits of 4 carefully developed, fully water-soluble CBD products, in which the natural power of CBD comes to full effect. New patented and award-winning MyCell Enhanced Technology® (drops dissolved in water) makes all old-fashioned and conventional CBD products obsolete and outdated. The products have been developed in collaboration with Tony Balboa: Amsterdam's finest CBD connoisseur! 

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BalbOil by Tony Balboa
CBD - Full Spectrum 1% & Turmeric

BalBoil CBD & Turmeric

10 ml. bottle
(with handy and accurate pipette dropper)

BalbOil by Tony Balboa
CBD - Full Spectrum 2,5% ‘Golden Drops’

BalbOil CBD - Full Spectrum 2,5% ‘Golden Drops’

10 ml. bottle
(with handy and accurate pipette dropper)

BalbOil by Tony Balboa
CBD - Isolate 2,5%

BalbOil CBD - Isolate 2,5%

10 ml. bottle
(with handy and accurate pipette dropper)

BalbOil by Tony Balboa
CBD - Isolate 5%

BalbOil CBD - Isolate 5%

10 ml. bottle
(with handy and accurate pipette dropper)

    What makes BalbOil products so special?

    • 100% water-soluble, thanks to MyCell Enhanced Technology®
    • Nearly 100% body absorption
    • Works up to 20x faster and better than conventional CBD supplements
    • Highly concentrated
    • Resistant to stomach acids
    • Cost effective: low dose, maximum effect
    • Developed and produced in Switzerland
    • 100% vegan
    • 100% GMO-free
    • Extensively clinically tested, 100% safe to use


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    Who is Tony Balboa?

    Tony Balboa (real name Antonio) is of Italian descent. Born in Milan, but originally from Naples. Tony has lived in Amsterdam for about 20 years now and is a familiar face on the streets of the city center.

    After many years of working as a football coach and in the hospitality industry as a manager and sommelier of the best Italian wines, he decided to completely change course.

    He chose to further explore the benefits and uses of CBD and started working in the cannabis industry. Especially in the medical, therapeutic and advisory field. The famous (and vaunted) CBD can have a medicinal effect and is certainly not a drug! Tony is happy to educate and clarify those interested in the beneficial effects of CBD.

    You might know Tony from the recreational group activities he organizes, such as the famous Smoke Sessions (which hosts a lot of celebrities from the music and sports world), his Youtube channel, Facebook or Instagram page. He calls his community The Balboa Family and as the number of followers grows, so does the family…

    Become a part of The Balboa Family!

    Tony Balboa

    Where to buy BalbOil products?

    BalBoil products are currently available in various (souvenir) shops in and around Amsterdam (NL). In addition, the products are available via Tony's webshop:


    visit webshop Tony Balboa

    Uni Swiss wateroplosbare voedingssupplementen

    Je lichaam bestaat voor ongeveer 70% uit water.

    Olie en vetachtige stoffen lossen niet op in water. De vetachtige stof blijft op het water drijven en mengt niet. Dit geldt ook voor vitamines en voedingssupplementen. Omdat je lichaam voor het grootste gedeelte uit water bestaat, is het logisch dat je lichaam moeite heeft met de opname van actieve ingrediënten uit vette of vetachtige stoffen uit voedsel en voedingssupplementen. De prijswinnende MyCell Enhanced Technology® lost dit probleem op en zorgt voor een lichaamsopname tot wel 99%.

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